​The reason I know God is not afraid or shy of being questioned, is that He made we humans infinitely inquisitive. That in itself shows that there is a lot He wants us to find out, therefore He wants to answer. 

And that’s why He gave us His spirit of truth, to guide us into all truth. To guide us means that we set out on a journey, a journey of questions, probing, searching, to know the truth and He’s the guide. 

Call unto me He says, and I’ll answer you and show you great and mighty things you don’t know. 

We are but children in God’s eyes and look at how inquisitive children are? That’s how we should be even as adults.

I believe faith is strengthened by answered questions. A religion that forbids questioning of every and anything has no substance to it, but emptiness. 

Why should there be 70 virgins waiting for a man that dies in a holy war? What awaits the woman? Being raped by 70 men? Why should a law from God make room to allow for the promiscuity of men, such that they can marry up to four wives, but not for women? If the law was given by God then He must have made it such that it takes one man and four women to make one baby. 

Everything that can be questioned must be questioned & that’s how he made us.

Just wondering how God felt in the dark ages when all inexplicable things were ascribed to Him. Did he feel glorified or did He pity our ignorance?


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